Praying For Our Community

Our community is experiencing unprecedented flooding due to the remnants of Hurricane Harvey.  Many of our community and church are experiencing flood waters in or near their homes, or have had to evacuate their dwelling places.  We have tried to reach out to all of our members as we are concerned for their safety and well-being.  Our Pastor, leadership and church family have been praying for our community and our church members that have been affected by this epic flood.  None of us are immune to the hardships of our community . . . we are all in this together.  Our prayers are extended to them in the form of God’s grace that is sufficient to meet their every need.

Over the coming days and weeks will be announcing to our membership how we can make a definite impact in assisting to meeting the needs of our neighbors and community as a result of this widespread catastrophe.  Meanwhile, please continue in pray for our community.  We know and believe that God hears the prayers of the saints (1 Peter 3:12).

Dr. Ogletree encouraged us Sunday on Facebook Live with a powerful message that we are ‘Blessed in the Storm”.  Even though we may be facing devastating circumstances, we can still build our faith and experience God’s presence in the storm.   If you were unable to join him during that live broadcast, please click on this link to replay the message.


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