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Your Fasting Guide
Like prayer and Bible reading, fasting is one of the spiritual disciplines of followers of Jesus. This following fasting guidelines will help you understand fasting and how to get started in this powerful Christian habit.

What is Fasting?
FASTING is an intentional denial rooted in a quest to get closer to God. Fasting is a physical sacrifice for spiritual increase. It is a commitment to deny your physical flesh, to increase your spiritual effectiveness. Fasting takes prayerful discipline! Fasting does not change or impress God, but it changes us. Through fasting, Christians are empowered to discipline their daily relationship with the Lord.

Why Should We Fast?
We fast as a Church Family because God’s blessings reside in our unity. This special time encourages us to be “like-minded, having the same love and being of one accord and of one mind.” (Philippians 2:1-3).

What is Prayer?
PRAYER is your intentional reach for God’s direct and specific involvement in your life. Prayer is communication with God, giving thanksgiving, requests and desires, knowing He can and will respond with thoughts, ideas, situations, people or primarily His word.

What is Meditation?
MEDITATION is the act of giving your time or attention to a thought, concept, situation or person. Meditate means to consider. Read Joshua 1:8

Why Fast?
The benefits include:

  • A closer relationship with God
  • Becoming more sensitive & responsive to the Holy Spirit;
  • Intensifying your prayer life;
  • Aiding in removing unbelief;
  • Breaking yokes of bondage;
  • Fostering personal discipline; and
  • Demonstrating an act of scriptural obedience.



Days 1 – 40: Fast of the Body (beginning January 9)

This is a partial fast where we abstain from certain foods. Choose one of the options shown below:

  1. Eliminate fried foods and sugar products.
  2. Give up one meal a day.
  3. Eat only vegetables and fruit.  (Daniel fast)

Days 21 – 40:  Fast of the Mind (beginning January 29)

In addition to the fast above, choose one of the options shown below:

  1. TV fast where you are allowed to only watch Christian TV and news.
  2. Fast from Facebook/Social Media for social purposes.
  3. Fast from texting and phone usage for social purposes.

During these 40 days, you are requested to:

  • Commit to fasting and prayer and meditation on the devotional reading. Set aside a specific time to meet with God.
  • Devote yourself to seeking God’s heart. Spend more time focusing on God and worshiping Him.
  • Expect the enemies’ distractions. Know that the enemy will make every attempt to deter you.
  • Expect fresh revelation and an encounter with God.

 Prayer of consecration and commitment:

Father God, I dedicate the next 40 days to seeking you on another level.  I consecrate myself before you, making the commitment this day to 40 days of fasting, praying and meditating on your word.  I ask in these days that you allow me to come to a deeper realization of who you are.  As I focus and feast on your Word, allow my spirit man to be strengthened so that I may be a greater reflection of you.  Amen.



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