Zahar Ministry (Education Ministry)


Teach them God’s decrees, and give them this instructions. Show them how to conduct their lives.
Exodus 18:20 NLT

Vision Statement:  

Zahar means to teach, warn or send out as light.  The Vision of the Zahar Ministry of Education is to provide guidance for the lifelong learning process of discipleship and to equip and encourage the church and community to become mature and obedient followers of Christ.

Goals of the Zahar Education Ministry

The Zahar Education Ministry carries out its primary function through Pathways. Pathways are the identified discipleship classes that occur through Early Morning with God ( Saturday and Sunday mornings),  and Thursday  Night Soul Foundation classes.

Daily Bible Reading

Zahar ministry desires you to commit to reading the Bible everyday. Reading the Bible everyday will strengthen and encourage you. Click on the following link to begin your study now. (Our Daily)


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