Kerygma Ministry (Preachers)

Preaching ministry is designed to equip men and women who have been called to preach the Word of God and to lead a church in effective growth.

The New Destiny Praise and Worship Center recognizes two expressions of ordained ministry: the ministry of the Minister of the Word and the ministry of the Deacon.  Ministers of the Word are ordained by the Church to servant leadership, to preach the Gospel, administer the sacraments, and offer pastoral and spiritual counsel.  Ministers of the Word offer liturgical and pastoral leadership in congregations, faith communities and communities of the world.  Through preaching and teaching they remind the people of God of our faith heritage and call us to hear and respond to God’s word for us in our world today.

What is the ministry of Minister of the Word?

  • Ministers of the Word are ordinary people called by God through the church and ordained for a particular kind of ministry service.  Through word and action they proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, recalling and representing the Scriptures and Christian teaching.  Ministers of the Word help God’s people to hear and study the Scriptures, and to relate the gospel to everyday life.  New Destiny Praise and Worship Center affirms the teaching ministry of ordained ministers.  To be a Minister of the Word is to be committed to studying and praying with the Scriptures, and helping others to drink from this well of wisdom and hope.  Ministers are not ‘know all’s; they are learners who encourage others to learn with them.
  • Ministers of the Word are called to celebrate!  They enable the people of God to acknowledge and respond to the gracious presence of God in worship.  Ministers call on the many gifts of the people of God so that liturgy genuinely is the activity of the whole congregation.  Through preaching, prayer, and celebrating the sacraments.  Ministers of the Word invite people to encounter the living God who transforms our lives and our world.  Ministers do not ‘do everything’: they share their gifts and calling and encourage others to do likewise.
  • Ministers of the Word are pastors.  Recognizing that Christ’s ministry was grounded in compassion and God’s desire for human wholeness.  Ministers of the Word offer pastoral care to people in the congregation and the community.  Making yourself available as a listener, guide, and a support is perhaps one of the most challenging and also rewarding aspects of this ministry.


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